As all my friends and family knows, that my greatest goal in life, ever since I remember myself, has been to go and live in the United States.

This year marks my 8th failed attempt at winning the Green card lottery that is held every year on May.

Why do I want to go and live in the USA so much, you might ask? Well, first of all, I admire their culture, constitution rights and their view of freedom.

Most of the things we get for granted these days, like Microwave ovens, assembly lines, lasers, GPS, airplanes, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), chemotherapy, video games, mobile phones, personal computers, the Email and the internet are all inventions born in the US. This is all evidence that this country was built upon entrepreneurship.

Also, all I’ve learned to start my career I learned from american authors, blogs and websites. I even finished my BSc in International Economics using only american textbooks and articles.

As a tech guy, I’ve always admired people like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg (although his latest failures to protect our privacy are extremely disappointing). People who shaped our lives, like Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. People who aren’t born in the US, but who succeeded thanks to it, like Elon Musk and Sergey Brin.

The list could go on and on…

All I want to say, is that this great country gives to those who truly believe in themselves and helps them reach their goals, even if those goals are too big and unbelievable to become true in any other place on earth – Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, to name a few, are examples of just that.

Even though it’s my 8th unsuccessful attempt at winning the lottery, I am not losing hope. Can’t wait for the next one and I hope that then I’ll be lucky enough to get my green card.

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

Thomas Edison

Happy Saturday, folks! 🙂

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Last Update: May 12, 2019