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So what’s a “goal” ?

Well, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, a goal is an aim or purpose.

They even gave an example:

My goal is to lose ten pounds before the summer.

Cambridge Dictionary

It took me years to realize the difference between dreams and goals. And when I finally found out the difference, my life started to change in a great way.

First, let’s see how the Cambridge Dictionary explains the word dream:

A series of events or images that happen in your mind when you are sleeping

Something that you want to happen very much but that is not very likely

An event or condition that you hope for very much, although it is not likely to happen

Woah! A lot different than a goal, right? So what’s the basic, core difference between the two?

When you have a goal in mind, you’re saying to your mind “I am ready! I am doing it, no matter what!“. Simply put, you are taking an action. When you configure your mindset like that, even if you don’t know how exactly are you going to accomplish the goal in mind, but you’re taking baby steps towards it, the Universe, God or whatever power will help you find the way.

I’ve spent years dreaming of various things, and when these dreams blew to my face I started asking myself WHY? Why it is that some people succeed and others, dreamers like me, don’t? I mean, I was a hard dreamer, I dreamed every single day and night and that lead to NOTHING.

Then, after years of failure, I’ve realized that there must be something else I am missing. Something that must be added to the “Formula of Success“.

It took me thousands of hours observing successful people, like Elon Musk, Tony Robbins, Mark Zuckerberg, Denzel Washington, Steve Jobs and many more, just to realize what they all had in common. Goals! They all had goals which they were pursuing with everything they’ve got. Elon Musk wasn’t laying in bed all day long, dreaming of making the safest and greatest car in the industry. He was actually taking the steps towards his goal. And guess what, he created the greatest car in the world, you might even have heard of it – Tesla.

Denzel Washington wanted to be an actor. And, believe me, he wasn’t just dreaming to become one, he was actually taking all the steps necessary to accomplish his goal. And he failed. But he never quit. And like everything else in life, if you really want something and you’re willing to put the sweat, the dedication and the hard work, you’ll get it. It’s as simple as that. Our minds are the most powerful thing in the universe. If we really want something that bad, then, guess what, this powerful machine will help us get it.

I am NOT saying it will happen overnight, though. It would take years, it would take a lot out of you – friends, family, connections. It would be painful and hard at moments. You’ll feel alone. You’ll feel scared. Going towards your goals will change you! Everything in life has a cost, success included.

If you think about it, in life everything is like a scale:

On the left is you at the moment – all the success, all the friendships, everything. And on the right is what you paid for it. The scale is always in balance, no matter what.

If you want to be a successful doctor, then don’t have a dream, but goal. Go study for six or seven years. That six or seven years of studying will go on the right side of the scale. On the left you’ll get your degree and (potentially) a successful career, and everything will be in balance.

If you don’t want to do anything with your life – you’re just partying, living for the day, then what you’re sacrificing is days of your life. In return you get a temporary satisfaction of being cool and an awesome fella. This goes to the left of the scale. And, again, everything is in balance.

I realize that the economist in me is talking here, but this is how I really look at these things. In Economics there is a popular saying, stating that there is no such thing as free lunch – you always pay for what you get. I believe the same thing applies for the “Philosophy of life”. You just can’t get something out of nothing. You must pay!

So, choose your goals wisely, pay for them, know that it would be pretty expensive, and don’t ever stop going towards them until you get them. Then find other goals. Don’t ever stop having goals, because having goals to chase keeps you alive and young. A man without goals is just like a leaf – it goes to wherever the wind takes it.

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Last Update: August 11, 2019